FIRST OF ALL, THANKS SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY! You have no idea how much it means to me! I’m Sydnee, a California girl living in Oregon with my sweet boyfriend and our adorable German Shepherd pup, Rome.

Photography is the love of my life and I’m still amazed that I get to do this as a job. I love it so much that it hardly feels like work. Capturing those candid, sweet, authentic moments between you and your person give me all the feels! One of my favorite thing about this job is that it allows me to┬áconstantly make new friends and explore some pretty amazing new places. I love photographing people that are adventure seekers and day dreamers! I want to climb that mountain and get those epic shots with you! With some help from champagne of course!

A little about me//

  • Absolutely obsessed with Ranch and will put it on just about anything; french fries, pizza, scrambled eggs, cheeseburgers, IDC.
  • Caffeine + Cheese addicted
  • Lover of puppies, the ocean and tattoos.
  • Traveling makes my heart beat fast.
  • OBSESSED with cop shows (L+O:SVU).
  • Addicted to candles and notebooks, and just about anything pink.

I hope we get the chance to meet and make some beautiful art together! Have a blessed day!